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Our Agents are our most valuable assets. When you work with a Agent, you get a team of real estate professionals working for you. We specialize in providing quality customer service for all our real estate clientele.

Each agent is fully devoted to reaching your goals. We can help you buy, sell, rent, or property manage your residential, commercial, and land property as efficiently as possible.

Our Agents are a dedicated team of professionals with specialized skill sets in all areas of real estate. We have professional agents who can assist you with any real estate transaction.

We look forward to working with you and serving your business needs!
Land Assemblage, Residential, Commercial Specialist

Eva Klivington Owner, and Principal Broker of in Virginia, Maryland, and D.C. a family owned and operated business where Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. As a top producer all her life Eva has been licensed since 1985 and belongs to the top 1% of Real Estate professionals Nationwide. She herself closed on over $20+ million dollars worth of sales in 2004. While Eva owns her companies with about 30+ agents in VA MD and DC she is passionate about selling.

Eva also owns a software development company that works on a Real Estate Patented invention.

Eva has a Master Degree in Engineering (Master of Science in Computer Science and a BS degree in Education), she also speaks several languages. Eva developed a tried and proven Mathematical pricing formula that helped her get best price for her clients time after time. Eva holds high standards of integrity, honesty and dedication to her client's best interest and getting the best prices is her promise. You need a great broker looking out for you in this hot market. List and sell through Eva. I promise it will be rewarding to you and your loved ones.

Please see past client's Testimonials located on the main page as proof of her service. Eva's software development company created a web site for all our clients where all the MLS information is displayed almost in a real time. This means our clients can see everything the agents see in their proprietary database. Eva lives in Penderbrook in Fairfax and is a neighborhood expert in the community. Eva specializes in Residential, Commercial Land and industrial properties.

Call her today at (703) 201-5132. I promise you will not be disappointed.

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(703) 391-7450 (office)
(703) 391-7455 (fax)
(703) 352-5866 (home)
(703) 201-5132 (cell)

Margit Klivington MARGIT E. KLIVINGTON
Buyer Agent Specialist
Multi-Million Dollar Sales Club 1989 to Present

Click on link to read tribute to Margit Klivington

Multi-million dollar club for residential sales year after year. Commercial and land specialist. Over 20 years of real estate experience with an associate broker license in Virginia, Maryland and District of Columbia. Margit uses her in-depth knowledge of the local market to help her clients buy and sell properties. When looking to buy or sell, Margit is the real estate specialist you want to have working for you.
(703) 391-7450 (office)
(703) 391-7455 (fax)
(703) 283-0638 (cell)

Buyer Agent Specialist, Residential Specialist

Mario is fluent in Spanish and understands the cultural differences. He has a very nice personality.
(703) 391-7450 (work)
(703) 391-7455 (fax)

Agent, Residential Specialist

Ethan's is a valuable asset to the firm. His past work experience was with the US government and he understands the need for interagency communications. His engineering background is helpful in creating new markets and reaching clients throughout the globe.
(703) 391-7450 (work)
(703) 391-7455 (fax)

Buyer Agent Specialist, Residential Specialist

Eliani is a great agent who loves rentals.
(703) 391-7450 (work)
(703) 391-7455 (fax)

Property Management Specialist, Residential Specialist

Katrina Natasha understands the needs of clients which is the main objective in property management. She is a hard worker and meets her client's needs.
(703) 391-7450 (work)
(703) 391-7455 (fax)

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Eva Klivington - Principal Broker
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