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Company History

In 1988, ETK International Inc., was established by Eva Klivington President of ETK International Inc., Eva as a Realtor was subcontracting to several real estate companies. In 1998 Eva Klivington became a Principal Broker and was trading as until 1992 when it changed its trade name to

Eva Klivington has been recognized for being high producer (always has been within the top 7% of the business).
Example - 2001: 50 transactions
2002: 42 transactions
2003 and 2004: sold over 20+ million and became in the top 1% of real estate professionals decided to open up a storefront in the summer of 2002 at 2557 John Milton Drive, Fox Mill Shopping Center is a dynamite location. The outstanding accomplishments of our personnel is internally and publicly recognized through our high-tech and personal services. provides outstanding civic services to its community. The NEIGHBORHOOD individualized Web sites on is a valuable tool to sellers, purchasers and real estate professionals. vision and mission statement:

Founded on Leading Edge Technology with a patent pending system to serve clients and make a real estate professionals job easier by providing the tools not presently available from other brokers. These tools will enable professionals to acquire the leading edge high technology professional real estate services for its clients and real estate professionals. The core values based on integrity, honesty and exceptional service - all of that help you define the type of real estate professional you intend to be.

Today, is at a point where anyone using our system is able to take advantage of a specific opportunity to efficiently buy and sell with leading edge tools. Agents can take advantage of the advanced techniques thus gaining marketplace / build their business with rising productivity too.


Our products are service oriented high technology tools that help manage an electronic Real Estate Platform with increased productivity. Educating customers in high tech environment and giving them the ability to not only search on line, but manage their web based transactions with built in electronic signature, saves them time and money.

Compared to competitive products the closest product available today is the auto contract program that populates the fields in individual computers but it is not web based and it has no business tracking capability. It simply does not even compare to our patent pending technology.

The ability of electronic contract generator and chat room is unique concept in the real estate industry and it is part of products and services.

The instant communication via the web as well as accessing via telephone improves business for both sellers and purchasers over existing products or services. has a unique selling proposition with our patent pending technology.

Our strategy is designed to dominate the competition capitalizing on saving time and money for everyone involved and creates more business for the real estate professional. provides customized strategies designed to maximize unique strengths to work within resources, to size available opportunities and to achieve your specific objectives.'s target market includes residential, commercial land and property management. is rapidly moving into its new high tech marketing phase. This approach is generating a tremendous amount of interest throughout our industry.

In addition to our existing products/services we have developed, we plan to introduce new methodologies that will service sellers, purchasers and is especially useful to prospective customers who can now easily communicate via the web real time.

Other products/services include our powerful electronic Internet-based system puts the power of technology and techniques to work for our client's and real estate professional's success. objectives, is to have seamless marketing strategies, where real estate professionals can manage their transactions via the web, providing Realtors with a clear vision,'s direction and position will dramatically improve productivity, reduce conflicting efforts and generate a winning team spirit.

What You Can Expect From believes in creating a harmonious working relationship between all Independent subcontractors / employees. In pursuit of this goal, has created the following employee relations objectives:

Provide an exciting, challenging, and rewarding workplace and experience with web based tools that increases efficiency of clients and Realtors many folds. selects people on the basis of skill, training, ability, attitude, aptitude, and character without any discrimination with regard to age, sex, color, race, creed, national origin, religious persuasion, marital status, political belief, or a disability that does not prohibit performance of essential job functions. Compensate all employees according to their effort and contribution to the success of our business. Review commission schedules / wages, employee benefits and working conditions regularly with the objective of being competitive in these areas consistent with sound business practices. Provide an excellent location for business.

  • Provide affordable E&O insurance.
  • Assure employees, after talking with their manager, an opportunity to discuss any issue or problem with Officers of
  • Take prompt and fair action of any complaint which may arise in the everyday conduct of our business.
  • Respect individual rights, and treat all employees with courtesy and consideration.
  • Maintain mutual respect in our working relationship.
  • Provide buildings and offices that are comfortable, orderly and safe.
  • Promote employees on the basis of their ability and merit.
  • Make promotions or fill vacancies from within whenever practical.
  • Keep all employees informed of the progress of, as well as the's overall goals and objectives.
  • Promote an atmosphere in keeping with's vision, mission, and goals.

What Expects From You? needs your help in making each working day enjoyable and rewarding. Your first responsibility is to know your own duties and how to do them promptly, correctly and pleasantly. Secondly, you are expected to cooperate with management and your fellow workers and to maintain a good team attitude.

How you interact with fellow employees and those whom serves and how you accept direction can affect the success of your department. In turn, the performance of one department can impact the entire service offered by Consequently, whatever your position, you have an important assignment: perform every task to the very best of your ability.

You are encouraged to grasp opportunities for personal development offered to you. This manual offers insight on how you can perform positively and to the best of your ability to meet and exceed expectations.

We strongly believe you should have the right to make your own choices in matters that concern and control your life. We believe in direct access to management. We are dedicated to making a where you can approach your manager, or any member of management, to discuss any problem or question. We expect you to voice your opinions and contribute your suggestions to improve the quality of

Remember, you help create the pleasant and safe working conditions that intends for you. The result will be better performance for the overall, and personal satisfaction for you.

To learn more about our team, please contact us to discover the advantages of working for a Real Estate Brokerage Firm and HUD representative such as

If you are a licensed agent in Maryland, Virginia or D.C. and would like additional details contact The Principal Broker Eva Klivington

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